The real estate market is complex and diverse. However, when broken down into its simplest components, real estate can be said to be composed of just two parts: land and property.  Although many investors automatically think of residential and commercial buildings, the land is at the heart of this market and one of the most effective ways to make life-changing profits. After all, everyone needs land to build. The AREIGCORP team has always had the proper infrastructure, know-how, and tools necessary to identify and capitalize upon lucrative opportunities in the land market. 

We focus on two different kinds of land to maximize our profits and open our clients up to  diverse opportunities.


Raw Land

As the name suggests, raw land refers to any untapped land that hasn’t received any work or development that might make it easier for people to build upon. It’s essentially unprepared pieces of property. The great thing about raw land is that it’s often easy to get at a significant discount, resulting in impressive profit margins. The holding costs associated with raw land are also significantly lower than those accompanying developed land, reducing the risk when held for longer periods of time.


Developed Land

Any land that’s received development and preparatory work making it easier to build upon is considered developed land. It doesn’t necessarily mean that buildings are present. The primary advantage of developed land is that it’s always in high demand since there’s less turnaround time for buyers between purchase and use.  

AREIGCORP is constantly on the lookout for the most cost-effective and advantageous land investments. If you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio and learning more about land investments, feel free to contact our team.

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