Industrial real estate isn’t considered by most investors, yet it represents an incredibly lucrative  sector of the overall market. Just like standard commercial real estate, industrial property is  always in demand since businesses need space to operate. Some common uses for industrial  real estate include telecom buildings, showrooms, laboratories, logistics and distribution  centers, manufacturing, storage, and much, much more. 

Many investors don’t even recognize this arcane sector is accessible let alone how to start and  make a profit. At AREIGCORP, our team has decades of combined experience purchasing,  selling, renovating, and renting properties in this area. It’s a reliable, cash-generating, and  unique section of the commercial real estate market that every investor should at least feel  comfortable with. Now you can!

Why Invest in Industrial Real Estate

There are a number of advantages to industrial real estate investments. Here are just a few that  make this sector of the market a worthwhile consideration to any investor looking to diversify  and maximize their profits.


High Demand

As with any commercial investment, the demand is always high. However, industrial has an added advantage as there are fewer industrial properties than standard commercial ones,  leading to a more competitive market and higher rates. Self-storage units, warehouses, and fulfillment centers are just a few examples of how businesses would use this space.


Trustworthy Tenants

The toughest part of real estate is finding worthwhile tenants. Renting out industrial property is less risky than other investments because of the type of tenants these high-end, expensive properties attract. Plus, industrial tenants usually request longer leases ranging anywhere from a few years to an entire decade represents a more stable investment.


Greater ROI

Perhaps the most attractive part of industrial real estate investments is the higher yields. With a lower rate of tenant turnover, reduced market fluctuations, and longer leases, investors can expect to see impressively high ROIs when the property is picked. 


Low Maintenance

When compared to other kinds of commercial spaces, industrial properties are easier to manage and maintain. The tenants attracted to these properties generally have some  technical know-how and have a vested interest in keeping the space up and running.  Unless a considerably large issue arises, most issues should be resolved by the tenants themselves. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities that industrial properties  offer, feel free to reach out to the AREIGCORP team. Our highly knowledgeable team  will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and show you how this  awesome investment opportunity can become part of your profile.

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